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My Stories & Books

My Stories

I have more than 20-years experience as a newspaper reporter and television producer. My specialty is consumer and investigative reporting, but I also write feature stories for the adult and children markets.

I have won numerous awards during my career, including two Emmy’s and the I.R.E. Medal for outstanding investigative reporting. I also worked for five years as an Economic Crime Investigator for the Johnson County, Kansas, District Attorney’s Office.

I now freelance fulltime and my stories have appeared The Kansas City Star, Dogs For Kids, My Family Doctor,, and the consumer news Web site,
What People are saying about my books:

“Lisa McCormick has done a wonderful thing by introducing children to the near death experience. This is a very good, easy book for children to read and she has done a great job explaining a complex subject in a way that children can understand it. ”

-Jody Long of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF)

My Books



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